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We all know that a bad night’s sleep sets us up poorly for the day ahead. When sleeping becomes consistently difficult, it may be time to start considering if our mattress is to blame.

Do you know someone who constantly complains of being tired or feeling sluggish? Of waking in the morning with back or neck pain? Maybe you know a college student who is feeling the pinch financially as they set themselves up for moving out of home. All of these people make great candidates to gift a mattress to.

Now, we know a mattress may not be considered a ‘typical gift’, but it’s definitely one worth considering! Why? Read on for three reasons to consider buying someone a new mattress

1. Financial constraints

Many people put up with a mattress that is bad because they don’t have the money for a replacement. While a mattress is an investment, it’s one that doesn’t have to cost the earth. You could really help someone out by gifting them a mattress. After all, everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

2. Health

Using a mattress that is old, broken or inappropriate can negatively impact your health. Show someone you care for them by gifting them a mattress which is good for their body.

3. Changing life stages

Are your teenager’s ankles hanging over the end of their bed? Gift them a new mattress and you’ll make them feel appreciated and grown up. Getting a better night’s sleep might help reduce teenage mood swings too (no guarantees though, sorry!). As we age our bodies might need more or less support as well, so it’s important to replace our old mattresses to ensure we get the cushioning we require.

Giving a mattress as a gift is a great way to make a positive lasting impact

It’s a good idea to discuss this gift idea with your intended recipient before purchasing. That way you can be sure to get the right mattress for their needs. Contact us today and check out the full range at one of our showrooms.