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A lot of people only hit mattress stores for a replacement when their mattresses have reached their expiry dates. What they may not know is that long before their expiration dates, mattresses can get really uncomfortable and detrimental to both your health and sleep. But how do you know that it’s time to get a new mattress?

You wake up stiff with body aches

Unless you are sleeping on a firm mattress that does not have the correct firmness for your body, waking up with aches and pains only means you need a replacement. A worn-out mattress loses its ability to provide comfort and proper support, leaving your body vulnerable to back pain, shoulder pain, and a stiff neck. Often a sure sign that your bed needs a new mattress is waking up with body aches that get better as the day progresses.

Your mattress is sagging

Sleeping in the same spot over and over eventually weakens your mattress no matter how firm it is. The next thing you notice is a sinking feeling as soon as you go to bed; this disrupts your sleep as you will keep tossing around trying to find a comfortable position.

Your mattress has a depression

A mattress that is in good condition is supposed to spring back and level out every time you roll over or get out of bed. However, as time goes by, the pressure wears down your mattress, and so every time you sleep on it, your body leaves impressions that don’t spring back up creating depressions.

You are always tired

The primary purpose of sleep is to rest, and a good mattress is supposed to facilitate that. But if you are waking up exhausted and groggy despite putting in the recommended hours of sleep, something is clearly wrong. Your mattress should be the first suspect considering when it wears out; it loses the ability to support and align your spine correctly. The fact that your body fails to find a comfortable position means that it spends the whole night struggling, which leaves you exhausted in the morning.

Getting a good night’s sleep is therapeutic and leaves you with a rejuvenated body and mind, ready to take on the next day. Do not let a bad mattress tamper with your sleep. Reach out to us at One Sleep Company and get yourself a high-quality mattress.