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You wouldn’t camp or hike without the right gear. And yet, most of us don’t invest in the right mattress despite spending about 30% of our lives sleeping.

Surprisingly, over 90% of people know that a comfortable mattress is necessary for a good night’s sleep. Most individuals blame their budgets for not acquiring the ideal mattress, which is quite unfortunate because comfortable sleep can help you live longer, lose weight and boost your memory.

What you might not know is that sleeping on the wrong mattress can have devastating consequences on your life. Are you wondering how? Read on.

Stress management

A good mattress can significantly reduce stress. According to a study, participants who slept on new mattresses experienced less stress than those who slept on the regular mattresses for 28 days. Worrying, headaches, racing thoughts, trembling, and more reduced significantly.

Allergen management

Dust mites can live anywhere they find food and shelter, and your mattress is no exception. These pests can feed on dead skin cells. Unfortunately, they are so tiny that you may not see them until they’ve multiplied.

Washing pillowcases and sheets in hot water can only do so much to eliminate dust mites. Nonetheless, it is important to clean your mattress. In addition, get a slipcover that is made to manage allergens because an allergic reaction to dust mites can have devastating consequences on your health. For instance, it can cause skin irritation, respiratory issues, and fever.

Back pain

Back pain is another major problem caused by sleeping on a bad mattress, and it can prevent you from getting good sleep.

Make sure you get the right mattress type as recommended by your doctor. In most cases, your doctor will recommend placing a pillow between your knees.


Snoring can occur when your mattress does not support your body properly. It puts pressure on your airways and may block them, forcing you to snore. If your partner snores, it may be time to check your mattress.

Mattresses offer more than just sleep. They are important for our health. If you’re looking for the best mattress for sale, contact One Sleep Company today.