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It is easy to assume that the soft mattress you sleep on has always been in existence. However, mattresses were once considered to be a luxury for only the rich. Here is a look at how far back mattresses date.

Organic Mattresses

The oldest discovered mattress dates back to almost 77,000 years ago in South Africa. This mattress was seen to have properties that would keep insects and other animals away. It was made form leaves. Despite the efforts to keep insects away, the leaves would eventually lose their scent and a small number of insects inside the mattresses was considered normal.

The Elevated Bed

As evolution would have it, the Egyptians were the first to realize that to keep bugs away, you didn’t have to necessarily sleep on a mattress that smelt strange and one that was laid on the ground. They created what is referred to as the raised bed, what we sleep on today. The mattress used during this time was stuffed with wool, straws and, or clothes and rugs. King Tutankhamen is famous for having a bed made of gold.

Water Bed

Egyptian culture was heavily borrowed by Romanians who took everything a bit further and created the first luxury bed. They mattresses contained the same kind of stuffing; wool, feathers, reeds and hay but were more heavily decorated. More so, they also created the water bed. It isn’t the same as the water mattresses that we see today, but the concept was more or less the same.

Modern Day Mattress

The first steel coil mattress was invented in the late eighties, and only become affordable to the poor people a few years after. The 18th century was also the period when cotton started being preferred to wool. The 19th century saw the introduction of the box spring, expensive latex rubber mattresses, futons, foam rubber mattresses, adjustable bed frames, the modern waterbed and airbeds. It is during this period that the queen-size mattress became more popular than the twin mattress. Lastly, the 20th century saw size, choice and comfort become important determinants in the kind of mattress people chose. Mattress stores became more common and a rise in mattress advertisements was also noticed.

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