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Replacing your old mattress with a new king size mattress makes sense. However, taking good care of your new mattress should be your priority. One Sleep Company is your one-stop-shop for all your mattress needs. We provide high-quality mattresses at a reasonable price and the following tips will you keep yours in a healthy state.

1. Proper installation

Ensure the support or the bed frame is strong as this will prevent the mattress from breaking or folding when in use.

2. Frequent rotation

You might need help in moving or rotating your mattress. Also, turn the mattress from end to end to prevent folding and damaging the inner springs.

3. Use a mattress cover and proper ventilation

Use a high-quality washable mattress cover for the foundation and the mattress. This maintains cleanliness and keeps away allergens and dust mites. You can also aerate your mattress once in a while by uncovering the mattress cover to promote fresh air and to prevent your bedroom from smelling.

4. Don’t allow kids to play on the bed

It’s alright to take a nap with the kids, however, do not let them jump on the bed as this can damage the interior composition of the bed.

5. Don’t use a board for support

Refrain from putting a board between your king-size mattress and the foundation for support. If you feel you need extra support, it’s time to dispose of your old mattress and shop for a new one.

6. Don’t use harsh detergents

If you are worried about stains or spots on your king size mattress, use mild detergents or stain removers. Cleaning with gentle cleansers ensures the fabric and the interior foam are free from damage.

Contact us today for all your mattress needs. We source our mattresses from trusted brands and ensure you get the quality you’d expect for a reasonable price.