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Your mattress has a lot to do with how you sleep at night, and if you consistently find yourself tossing and turning, it may be time for a new one. Luckily, the general quality of mattresses on the market has improved over the past several years, and you can now find top quality mattresses at affordable prices. Here are some of the most common sleep issues and the mattress you should look for to correct it.

I wake up in a sweat

If you have a memory foam mattress, you might be waking up hot because it is holding in heat during the day. A great way to prevent this from happening is to look for a mattress with a gel pad or gel pieces on the top. This keeps the mattress from holding in heat, so you’ll stay at a more comfortable temperature throughout the night. You should also look for an open cell mattress, which is constructed so that air can easily flow in and out.

I have back pain and muscle tension during the day

If you find that you have consistent back pain during your waking hours, it might have something to do with your mattress. You may want to switch from a classic spring mattress to a memory foam mattress. Memory foam adjusts to the contours of your body to provide you with better support, especially for your head, neck, and back. This can prevent you from developing chronic pain during the day.

My partner and I want different things from a mattress

Maybe your partner likes a firm mattress while you prefer things soft, and vice versa. This can make it difficult for both of you to get a good night’s sleep at the same time. There are now many brands on the market that offer customizable mattresses, with two sides designed to suit each partner’s preferences. If you and your partner struggle with this problem, this could be an easy solution that will help you have a more comfortable night’s sleep.

If you’re struggling with sleep, you can actually find a great new mattress online at an affordable price. Look for wholesale mattresses online to find top quality options.