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Adjustable beds have come a long way from the days when they were advertised as an option for frail senior citizens. Today’s adjustable bed options range from the functional to the luxurious and everything in between. If you are shopping for a new mattress, why not take a look at the many fantastic adjustable bed options available today? Think of the convenience that comes with a bed that adjusts with you, making your nights of sleep more restful and restorative!

Recent adjustable bed innovations

Today’s beds offer two zones for adjusting, allowing you and your bed partner the utmost in comfort. Whether you are reading while they are sleeping or you both are watching TV but in different positions, these models can accommodate both of your needs. Many people first purchase an adjustable bed due to medical issues, but soon find that there are many benefits to these pieces of furniture. Whatever the reason, an adjustable bed is a great option for many different reasons.

People are spending more time in bed reading, watching television, or spending time on their laptops and tablets. With an adjustable bed, you can decrease neck and back strain while you relax in bed and get a great night of sleep. The adjustable feature permits you to increase support in the areas where your body needs it. There are also additional features such as vibration and heat/cooling that can enhance your experience.

Adjustable beds are also known to help loud snorers find a position where their snoring is less or stops altogether. There are a lot of great reasons to choose an adjustable bed, but the main one is that they are very comfortable and provide the support that you need for a restorative night of sleep! It is said that over a third of our lives are spent in bed, why not have an adjustable bed that keeps you comfortable whether you are sleeping or relaxing?

If you are interested in learning more about today’s upgraded adjustable bed options, check out one of our mattress showroom locations and take a look at our full range of today’s top adjustable beds.