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When you’re looking for affordable mattresses, a used bed might seem like a bargain. Many people are reluctant to buy these items, so they cost substantially less. However, an old mattress can create serious problems in your bedroom.


It’s hard to thoroughly assess the condition of used beds. They might have been mistreated and stored or transported improperly. Spills and ceiling leaks may have inflicted damage. Hidden defects could make a mattress less comfortable and shorten its lifespan.


You will also find that it’s rather difficult to fully clean an old bed. After all, you can’t throw it in the washing machine. The previous owner may have never cleaned it. Consequently, a pre-owned mattress might harbor considerable amounts of bacteria.


Pests sometimes take up residence in beds, and some of them can be very hard to eradicate. They could even infest your entire home. Although you may have successfully bought used mattresses in the past, this problem has become more widespread.


The latest beds offer better technology that you normally won’t find in an older mattress. Modern materials and designs maximize comfort, making it easier to enjoy a full night of sleep without experiencing any pain.


Most new mattresses come with warranties that people cannot transfer to future owners. A used bed probably won’t come with any type of guarantee. You’ll lose your money if the mattress fails quickly or has serious hidden defects.


The majority of mattresses last no more than a decade. When you buy old beds, you’ll need to replace them more often. This wastes time and increases the amount of money that you spend on transportation and disposal.


Used mattress sellers are less likely to offer delivery or remove your previous bed. If they do provide these services, you’ll probably have to pay extra. It’s difficult to transport and set up your own mattress and box spring, especially if you don’t own a truck.

Basically, used beds seem cheap but actually cost people a lot of time, money and sleep. Our new mattresses and adjustable bed frames allow you to avoid these problems at an economical cost. Please visit our store in Sumner or Tacoma, Washington to learn more.